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Over 50 years of manufacturing quality multi-lane four-sided seal pouching and sachet machinery. Circle Packaging Machinery offers both horizontal and vertical form, fill, seal machines. Horizontal form, fill, seal machines package medical devices, paper products, candy, food and cutlery. Vertical form, fill, seal machines are offered in Towelette/Pad/Wipe, Liquid and Dry/Solid Product configurations. Circle Packaging provides complete packaging solutions to many industries.

Circle Packaging Machinery produces a wide variety of packaging machinery including:

Horizontal Form, Fill, Seal machines produce pouches for products ranging from food and consumer products to medical devices such as syringes, sutures and catheters.

Towelette/Pad/Wipe Form, Fill, Seal machines are offered for applications including alcohol pads, hand wipes, lens cleaners, cosmetics, household cleaners, etc.

Dry/Solid Products Form, Fill, Seal machines can be used to package products including tablets, candy, vitamins, coffee/tea, seasonings, etc.

Liquid Form, Fill, Seal machines are offered for various viscosity ranges from aqueous fluids through heavy creams and food products.

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